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img_7265-kopiaLouis Herrey

I am a 42 year old native of Göteborg, Sweden. I am the youngest of seven children born of goodly parents, Willy and Gerd Herrey. My life has been nothing less than a marvelous journey, filled with more enriched experiences any man could ever dream of. God has endlessly blessed me, and my wish is to give some of that back in this weblog, through words and images that I hope will uplift and inspire.


Angelica is the love of my life. We were married for time and eternity in the LDS Stockholm Temple, 1996. Together we have three unique and beautiful children. Johannes is eleven years old, Isak eight, and Clara three. We are a just a regular family who enjoy doing things together. Click here for family photos.

Louis 3Work

Since year 2000 I have been working in Sweden as a Coordinator for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion (S&I), a part of the Church Educational System of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In short, my duty is to administering a program of religious courses for young students: Seminary for youth, ages 14-17; and Institute of Religion for young single adults, ages 18-30. My responsibility is to make sure that all classes (about 40 in my area) function properly. I am also privileged to teach some of these courses. This my bonus. Being a teacher is the greatest job in the world. Not only that, but to teach religion -what can give greater satisfaction to the soul?

In addition I write weekly columns for our local paper, and when time permits perform with the Herrey’s, or take photos for Beautiful Planet Photography, my privat company.

Louis 2Church Service

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a layman’s Church. It has no paid ministry. Instead, each member receives a calling in which he or she contributes time and effort in building and sustaining the Church. At present, my calling is that of a Ward Mission Leader in Södertälje Ward, Sweden (Ward = Congregation).

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    • My work is directly linked to educational matters, in a religious school program. I am employed to administer part of this program in Sweden, yes. This is very much like other churches that run religious institutions (which all need to be administer to) parallel to ecclesiastical services.

      But in speaking about layman’s service, that’s when the similarity stops (in most cases). When we talk about the LDS Church being a layman´s church, it simply means that when a person walks in to any of our congregations they won’t be met by a paid professional clergy, but will find that everyone in that ward sharing congregational responsibilities on a voluntary basis.

      To give a simple example: Until recently I served as a bishop in a congregation. The time spent on this calling every week was equal to about a half-time job. But of course no pay. Parallel to this I worked in the educational system mentioned above for which I received my full-time wager. Regular work = pay. Congregational work = no pay.

      Of course you know this already, Magnus… but the answer might at least serve those who read this and have a genuine desire to understand the principle, and not just wanting to provoke.

      • Yes I do know it. And I don´t say it to provoke. I just don´t think the church is honest about it. It is not a layman´s church.

  1. Every parents dream for their children is to see them grow up to be a good person. You surely have been a peacemaker your whole life and we are so proud of you and your family.

  2. Louis, I was a missionary in Sweden in ’84-’86 right after you and your brothers won the music festival. What a great service you did to bring the church into the spotlight. As I recall, Sweden became one of the highest baptizing missions in Northern Europe during that time period. One of the big reasons was that as we knocked doors and introduced ourselves so many Swedes knew of you and your religious beliefs.
    Anyway, I just want to thank you and look forward to a happy reunion one day.
    The best to you and your family.

  3. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts on various subjects. I feel your (you and your family) faith, courage, love and happiness through pictures and what you write. It really makes me happy !
    You´re a person pure of heart and I´m greatful for people like you. I think it is our duty to help, uplift and inspire our fellowmen. you inspire me do to more of that.
    You´re so committed, so positive and greatful for your blessings. Thankyou again for sharing some of you instead of keeping it to yourself 🙂
    You certainly DO lift and inspire people. Be sure of that ! You make a difference !


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