Welcome, friend!

The object of this weblog is to portray a good life through personal thoughts and photographs. I have received so much out of life and of people that have crossed my path, and this is just one way of trying to give something in return.

The main pages on this website are the following:

lds-faith-140x40Personal reflections on the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

life-motivation-140x40A guide to finding greater inspiration and motivation in life. Based on personal experience.

beautifuplanet140x40My photo page, aiming to show that there is splendor and beauty in all things.

Why did I start blogging?
To be perfectly honest, when I started typing away I didn’t have clear agenda in mind. I just felt it was something I should do. Earlier I had put it off, but that persistent inner voice kept after me until I gave in. And since I believe in inspiration, and the blessings of following it, I decided to trust in the feeling, knowing that everything will work out for the good.

What motivates me to continue writing?
At present I have maintained this blog for over a year. The strong feeling – the desire to write – is still with me. And everything has turned out for the better. Throughout the writing process I have been compelled to reflect more closely on my feelings and beliefs, needing to define them for myself before presenting them to others. That is the wonderful “secret” blessing of writing: we learn to identify what we really feel; and thus we come to see who we really are.

What do I hope to accomplish with this blog?
A part from the individual benefits of receiving a personal history – something I strongly recommend for everyone – what I hope to accomplish the most is to host a forum that welcomes all, young and old, to view life as something good and positive. Many blogs focus on trivial matters, and are sometimes scandalous and contentious by nature. This blog aims to be the opposite of that, to be a place where feelings of encouragement and inspiration are awakened rather than that thoughts of frustration. My love and optimism for life will serve as a foundation for all things presented here.

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  1. Dear Louis!

    I am writing to you to tell you something important that people forget. I am a swedish woman living in Stockholm. I just came back from England, where I have been living for 3 years. It was hard and I had to work betwin 60-70 hours a week to survive. When I came back to Sweden I thought about how I was moaning about my own country. GOD was with me all the time in England and that is how I lived through all these years. Many times I thought about people who have it worst than me and I asked myself. “Who am I to complain? People have no food, no home or not even running water. And I am complaing?” I am so grateful for everything I have today and I am grateful for my life. It is like a song I use to sing which my friend wrote for me when I was younger.

    “Jag är rik
    Jag har dig
    Tack vare dig
    Jag är rik
    Just här och nu
    För himmelriket är du”

    Thank you for everything you do, Mr. Louis Herrey

    With love and Gods blessing
    Anna Omran

  2. I can’t bealive I’m able to speak to you!!!… I’m sorry about your son, I’ll pray for him. I live in Spain and I’ve loved you since I saw you in 1984. In Spain we (my sister and me) could not find any information about you, the only thing we found was your single. Then we wrote to the record disc, and they send us some fotos, and your fan adress… everything was difficult for us. In 1985 we went to Denmark (I was 16), there we got your “Crazy Peopple”, that was our treasure.. we learnt your swedish songs (even we dont speak swedish, of course). Not long ago, I discovered in “youtube” your videos. I’d love to have a reply from you.
    Love from Spain. Marta.

  3. Dear Angelika, Louis and especially Johannes!
    You are often in our minds – especially this week. We pray for you to have enough strength and patience to go through all this.
    Our little 3 year old Katharina is praying nearly in every prayer for “little Johannes” that he will recover soon. We showed the children pictures from this Blog and they all felt really touched by it. The Lord may suround you with angels. It all will be good!
    With love
    Sibylle, Christian and 5x kids

  4. Louis,

    I am pleased to hear how well Johannes is doing. This is the year that our Jaqueline (7)will most likely have her heart surgery.

    I am sad to learn of Sebastian’s ordeal, but pleased to know he is doing so well with and about it.

    Your family is beautiful and your stewardship over them is wonderful to see. I have enjoyed immensely reviewing your blog and website. You have inspired me to pick up paper and pen and camera this weekend.

    All my best to you and yours,

    Your friend and brother in Christ

    Dave Petermann

  5. Thanks for the Christmas card – we really enjoyed it & hope to see it at a cinema near us soon! It’s been great to have a look around your weblog & catch up with your news. Hope Johannes is doing fine now. We’ll be over at the beginning of February (can’t wait) & hope we’ll be able to meet up with you all & finally get to meet Clara. In the meantime, Gott Nytt Ar & God bless you all. xx

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