Many years ago I heard my father make a short comment about a beautiful sunset we enjoyed together. I have never forgotten those words:

“Noone can paint the way God paints.”

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  1. Hej Louis!

    Beautiful pictures!

    It reminds me of last years LDS SA Easter Convention In Bockaberg Gothenburg.

    There was this beautiful view from the windows. And the sunsets was so magnificent.

    We were lucky because there was no rain. So the sun was shining all the time, even though at was cold.

    After church on sabbathday, we had a spiritual meeting.
    And there was a deaf sister who sang the most beautiful song. And we had this wonderful view over a frosted white lake.
    The sunlight reflechted in the lake. We felt the spirit so strong, it was like Heaven was shining upon the meeting. It was so fantastic to be a part of.

    Hugs from Jeannette

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