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Photography helps us see more of the splendor in life, depicted in grand scenes as well as in small details. In the world of imaging we can discover beauty, even in the ordinary. What a miracle it is to capture that fraction of time on a frame. It teaches us how valuable each moment of our lives is.

To view my photos, click on the link below.You are also invited and encouraged to purchase any images you like, as the proceeds from sales will go to charity.


PHOTO STORIES  Embarrassing Dad at Airport Getting caught by Arlanda airport security – twice. Back to Arlanda Airport (Swe) Photos from the inside of Arlanda airport. Having Nothing to Do is Fun Enjoying a warehouse without spending any money. Water Game Bring the camera into the kitchen. Angel Turns Theif My two-year-old steals marbles. What a Bugger! Our daughter finds a big one in her nose. Her First Idol A father who worries about a daughter’s choice of idol. Baking and Stealing Clara is only working on the eating part, not the baking part. Disturbing Sleeping Beauty Accidentally waking up my baby girl. A Prayer for the Heart (6) Johannes at the hospital. Work, Patience, and Play-Doh Cute story of a little girl in need of help. Repairing My Son’s Heart (2): Hospital Queen Clara getting all the attention. Out in the Fields Isak running after a tractor. Bye Bye Winter (1) Some last winter photos, spring 2009. Bye Bye Winter (2) More last winter photos.

PHOTO BLOGS: PHOTOGRAPHY  Photo: A Way to Enjoy Life

PHOTO BLOGS: HUMOR  Think Positive (Swe) Pee is not so bad after all. A Laugh is a Smile that Bursts … literally. Giving is Better than Receiving It will feel better. What’s My Actual Worth (Swe) My worth according to Ebay. The Freedom to Eat The question is: to eat what? Like Father, Like Son Can you tell them apart? Swedish Meatballs in RAW format. Talk about Charged! (Swe) A little too much static electricity. A Day at the Museum (Swe) Clara thinks ugly is cute. Overweight, part 1 (Swe) Craving ice cream.

PHOTO BLOGS: FAITH  Searching for the Light Whatever Christ shines upon becomes beautiful. Reflections of Christ A link to an inspiring photo exhibit about Jesus Christ. Window of the soul Focusing your eyes on the true Light Baby Born with Two Faces Turning negative into positive Take Control (1): Be the Captain Being in in charge, not a victim. Take Control (2): Be Good Doing good to self, loosing addictions. Take Control (3): Be a Friend Choosing true friends – and being one. For the Endowments of Life Personal poem about the blessings of life. Big Pictures and Sacrifices See the whole picture: everything points to Christ. Let Your Light Shine Seing the light and example in other, and doing likewise. Seize the Day Finding joy today, not knowing what tomorrow brings.

ARTICLES WITH ME ABOUT PHOTO Photo: A Way to Enjoy Life Young Photographer Photo of me, as a photographer, in OKEJ magazine

PHOTO MONTAGE  Christmas Card 2008 Christmas Card 2007

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  1. May 27, 2010 03:27

    Love it

  2. May 27, 2010 03:27

    I love taking photoes. It will be a memory when we get older ,happy,sad,no matter what.

  3. November 1, 2009 17:06

    I want to watch the movie of the ‘world’.

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