My Musical Journey

The Beginnings

I have loved music and entertainment long before I could pronounce the word spaghetti. And from the very start I have enjoyed all forms and expressions of music, but I suppose I would be less than honest if I didn’t acknowledge the Osmond’s for much of the early inspiration. Another source of inspiration was musical Hollywood, with Gene Kelly as its king, the perfect entertainer. I remember praying to God that He would let me become just like Mr Kelly. Actually, the whole truth is that I wanted to become the perfect mix of Gene Kelly and James Arness, or rather his character Zeb Machahan (who is Swedish TV’s cult figure nr 1.) I always knew God answers prayer, and crazy as it may seem, He fulfilled my boy dream; I’ve spent much of my life as a song and dance man, with lots of breaks in between in the saddle as Zeb on my family’s riding camp.Who could ask for anything more?

Early 80’s

After growing up some, and after years of rehearsals and talent shows and blood, sweat , and tears at the Dupree Dance Academy, we packed our bags and moved to California in 1981. I was forteen years of age. There my two brothers and I geared our lives even more toward entertainment education. It was also during this period that I was touched by many artists, whose influence still affect me today. Among others there were Journey, Alan Parson’s Project, Asia, Toto, Chicago, and Kenny Loggins.

more to come…

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  1. It was 1982, in Mesa Arizona where I first met you. I was privileged to videotape you and your brothers singing two songs. I kept the, 3/4 inch, master tapes, (U-matic). For many years I wondered what ever happen to the very talented “Herrey” brothers. A couple of years ago, did a google search and was happily surprised to learn of your fame. I wondered if you would be interested in seeing or having the video I shot in 1982. I made the videos available to Morgan and he put them on the “” website. Would you be interested in having the origional tape to include in your historical archives?


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