Kalla Kårar (1986)

I guess this might be called a lighter version of Thriller. The title Kalla Kårar literally means Cold Chills. It was here performed in 1986 at a humor/entertainment program called Nöjesmassakern, translated to The Entertainment Massacre. Before I added the song to my blog I hadn’t seen this video in years. My reaction was… well, let’s just say that I hesitated more than once to post it here. But, since I am here to please you, have a good laugh at my expense. I am singing the lead.

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  1. Well, my dear sweet uncle. I can see why you hesitated. =P But in a ridiculous kind of way it’s a fun video.

  2. It is a weird and “funny” song, and it has actually never been 1 of my favorites… Sorry… But the video has always been fun to watch! I remember back in the 80´s my friend and I always rolled on the floor laughing when Richard tried to get out of the bed! All of your music brings back nice memories of some sort:-) Thank you:-)

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