New JourneyThis page is dedicated to Journey, the greatest rock band in the world. The group has been a great source of joy and inspiration in my life, as for millions of other people. The band’s unique sound, coupled with magically soaring melodies, and the unprecedented vocal talents of Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda (new singer) are matched by none in the music industry.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this band carries the very name that has become such a beacon in my life. Those who have followed my blog know how much I’ve stressed the importance of enjoying life’s Journey, that “the journey is the reward”. I would like this page to also be a reminder of that.

If, by chance, you are unfamiliar with Journey, I will now unleash the best kept secret in the world, and share with you some songs that will fill your heart with deep emotions – more than from any other pop/rock band you’ve listened to in the past. That’s a promise.

Selected Journey Songs and Videos (from Youtube)
Don’t stop believin’
After all these years
Separate ways (Worlds Apart)
Send her my love
Open arms
Never Walk Away
Why can’t this night go on forever
Who’s crying now
Be good to yourself
Faith in the Heartland

early Journey

Journey in the 80’s with lead singer Steve Perry, “the Voice” (2nd from right).
Photo above: New Journey with the vocal talent of Arnel Pineda (center).

Visit Journey’s homepage
Buy Revelation, the latest CD

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  1. Ok, I just saw this post on your site. Do you remember our great weekend of Journey. Wow, we were super young then, weren’t we! What great memories:) Happy new year. Hil

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