And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.  – Abraham Lincoln

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The choice of title for this page is based on the simple truth that life itself is our greatest motivation. Without a doubt, life has a wealth of treasures stored up for all of us. Read more…

Below are some thoughts on how to find greater motivation and inspiration in life, based on personal reflections and insightful ideas of others. Click on each image to read more.

seek inspirationThe first step is learning to seek inspiration from all aspects of life: nature’s beauty, wise people, spellbinding music, and so on.

be positive

Having a positive outlook on life, being grateful instead of unappreciative, will drastically chance your circumstance for the better.

grow from experience We benefit from all of life’s experiences. Enjoying the journey, seizing every opportunity along the way, is a key to greater happiness.

feed on humorAs often as possible, use laughter as medicine. Also, don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s more fun that way – for everyone.

stay in controlStaying in control means taking charge of your life, setting and keeping goals, living within your means, and staying free from addictions.

broaden your viewWhen viewing life we have to see the whole picture. This will deepen our perspective and help us make necessary changes.

develop characterA strong character is shaped when you take responsibility for yourself and work hard. Writing, documenting your life, also helps.

dress for successYou may not always win, but you can always be a winner. Just work on overcoming your fears, always doing your best.

care for others What can give greater satisfaction and happiness in life than doing good toward your fellow man, distributing tokens of love.

care for yourselfThere is only one you. You have to be good to yourself. Knowing you are important is a good place to start…

learn to communicateClear and regular communicating will dismiss most conflicts, especially as you also act the part of a good listener.

uphold the familyNotwithstanding modern political and secular voices, the family is important – the sources of greatest joy if you invest your strength in it.

strengthen your faithNo matter who you are, faith in God will help build up that inner person, giving you not temporary, but lasting peace.

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