Personal Reflections of Jesus Christ

Enveloped in God’s Love


The Guidance of the Holy Spirit

Understanding Suffering and Trails

LDS Video Messages

LDS Links

Opportunity is the Blessing Being thankful for every experience to grow.
Rockstars, Bishops, and One Stubborn Ant Making it, with God’s help.
Joseph B Wirthlin – Come What may, and Love it (Video) Finding joy in trails.
God on TV Finding God in advertising.
Window of the soul Focusing your eyes on the true Light.
Life-line (Swe) Safety in holding on to God’s word.
Isak’s Baptism Thoughts on my eight-year-old son’s baptism.
Macho Does Not Prove Mucho How to be a man – in the Lord.
Dad Becomes Mom (Swe) Appreciating the role of a mother.
A Father Without a Family Exercising faith in the face of despair.
How to Forgive a Murderer Replacing hate with love.
Reflections of Christ A link to an inspiring photo exhibit about Jesus Christ.
Take Control (1): Be the Captain Being in in charge, not a victim.
Take Control (2): Be Good Doing good to self, loosing addictions.
Take Control (3): Be a Friend Choosing true friends – and being one.
Why a Prophet? (2): The Story of the Nutty Prophet How to know if a prophet is called of God.
And the New President is… The calling of President Monson and his counselors.
An Easter Angel The service of a Primary president.
A Prayer for the Heart (3) A rare show of grateful.
A Prayer for the Heart (5) A prayer answered.
A Prayer for the Heart (7): Clean Hands Angels watching over our Heart Child.
Help Thou My Unbelief Increasing our Faith in Jesus Christ
A Gift from the Heart My gift to Jesus: Patience
A Real Christmas Card Let’s bring Christ back into Christmas.
Loosing Agnes, Gaining Love The power of gratitude and love
The Healing Power of Forgiveness (Video) True healing is void without it.
For the Endowments of Life Personal poem about the blessings of life.
Big Pictures and Sacrifices Seeing the whole picture: everything points to Christ.
Giving is Better than Receiving It will feel better.
Mormon Missionaries Forgive Attackers Two Elders show how to forgive.
The Smallest is the Greatest Man is great in the sight of God.
What Beats a Bedtime Story? Not much!
The Journey is the Reward Experiencing that celestial flame today.
Christ Heals Family The Atonement works wonders on a tragic struck family.
Help the Porn Industry? Porn reps outrageous request for federal funding.

Let Your Light Shine You have a light. Let it shine. Be an example.

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  1. Hi Louis!

    I´ve been thinking about Isak´s baptism and the 8-year old thing 🙂 You wrote about accountability (knowing right from wrong). Did you mean by that that humans from 8 and forward knows (no matter how they´ve been raised) to always tell right from wrong? Or does the process of understanding begin at 8?

  2. Hi! This is Todd Jackson, if you remember from a few years back as a missionary in Sodertalje. You won’t believe it, but found this site after finding some vintage Eurovison cips on youtube! I just wanted to leave a note and say hi! How is Gahli doing? I haven’t heard from him in a while. and Domna? I see you’ve expanded on your family as well, Congratulations! I’ve been married for two years now, and my wife is due in just a few months. Feel free to write me a note at my e-mail and update me on everything in the ward, when time permits.
    The former Adlste Jackson

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