In the southern part of Sweden, one of the surest signs that summer is nigh are the many yellow fields with the oil-producing flower Brassica rapa. Last Sunday evening my son Isak and I went and visited such a field close to our home.

We were both taken by the yellow. Yellow everywhere! What a happy color! God really knew what he was doing when he mixed this color together. He knew how very much it would sooth the soul.

Yes… why not take time to smell the…

“Argh! Gaaahh! Whoa, my nose is itching!” (Here’s the photo they never show you at the image stock agencies)

“I think I’m just going to do a little stretching instead…”

“… and feel the freedom.”


I got a little jealous of Isak after that last photo. I also wanted to have an “aaahhh” photo. So he took this of me. And I tell you, my face isn’t lying: I felt the “aaahhh” all the way from the tip of my hairs (well… what’s left of it) to the bottom of my feet. It was heavenly.

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  1. We got to visit with your sister, Gil, and your folks tonight in our home in Arizona. What a lovely visit we had over family histories from Gotland!

  2. HEJ LOUIS . Beautiful pictures of you and isak in that yellow flower field .when I see a field like this and smell the flowers , I said now it is summer in denmark ,because a raps flowerfield have a speciel smell .a good summer to you louis from me

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