Celebrating a Father

See  World’s Youngest 80-year old

Here are some photos from when friends and family in Sweden celebrated my father turning 80 (another party took place in USA a week after this). There are many reasons to celebrate this man. First and foremost, isn’t it amazing how he has kept all of his hair! Compare below the two of us. If it was only the hair, it would be hard to believe we are related… haha. (The 80 year old is on the right)

But in many ways we are very much alike. Someone said we are both like the absent minded professor. I guess that’s true (and maybe some of that goes for my brother’s as well); there’s always a lot to do and think about, so we forget half of it. And keys, wallets and cell phones always seem to disappear from us. Can’t understand why?

Kidding aside, I am really proud of my father. He has been a great example in my life: a hard worker and someone who never says no to helping another person. In fact, if there’s no one around to help, he will go out and find someone. To those that have come to know him, they see a person they always can count on.

And like Per said at the party, most importantly our dad (and mom) has taught us that above everything else in our lives our love to God comes first. That means always choosing the right, and putting the needs of others before your own. Just as Jesus showed us.

I feel blessed to have had parents that taught me so well, by precept and example, and I would be a happy man if I were successful in only transferring a small part of that to my own children.

Love you, mom and dad!


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  1. Jag har pappa Willys autograf :-). Fick den på en Herreys-konsert i Vasa, Finland för sisådär 25 år sen. Oj, det känns länge sen, men pappa Willy är sej lik :-). Grattis på 80-årsdagen!

  2. Congratultions with such a Dad…. He certainly doesn’t look 80!!!

    And about the hair….He still has indeed a lovely bunch of hair…But look it at the bright side, he needs more shampoo than you… 🙂

    The pictures are as usual very nice!

    Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us!

  3. It seems my previous comment may not have registered. So here it is again. You have some really lovely family photos there, of the celebrations for your father’s 80th birthday. The 80th birthday seems to be something of an age “milestone” these days. Both of my own parents also turned 80 last year.

    You mentioned you and your father were a bit like absent-minded professors. When I was growing up there was a children’s science programme on TV here called “Why is it so?”, which tried to explain and demonstrate everyday scientific occurrences to young people. The host of the programme was a man called “Professor Julius Sumner Miller”. Many people thought he was a bit eccentric, and resembled an absent-minded professor. In many of these photos, your father reminds me very much, of that same Professor!

  4. I forgot to mention with my earlier comment – my favourite photo of your father is the one where he is being kissed on the cheek by a young woman. That look on his face is unforgettable!

  5. Hej Louis . beautiful pictures from your fathers 80 years birthday ,it is so good to see how well he is and so aktiv . your parents will always be the bedst in the world so long they live .and when they are sitting on a pink sky they are with you . give your father and brothers a big hug from me . god bless you all hugs from me

  6. Herlig bilder og herlig historie!! Er mange år sine jeg sist møtte dine foreldre, men kan levende forstå deres beundring av disse to fantastiske mennesker!! Dere alle vil alltid være i mitt hjerte!

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