Monkey Business

In the Ape house at Kolmården I found this old chimpanzee lady.

She looks innocent enough, but I soon discovered that she was anything but ladylike.

All of a sudden she starts to urinate. That wasn’t so unusual it itself, but she did something I had never seen before: she put her hand in the back…

and then brought the urine up front…

to her mouth, and licked the fingers clean. This she repeated several times.

Poor thing. Those neglectful caretakers, they don’t give her enough to drink. 🙂

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  1. HEJ LOUIS . monkeys are sweet but this one is not sweet to you urgh .I have love animals since I was a child but the only animals I HATE are killersnegle (dræbersnegle).thank you for a funny picture hugs me

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