Kolmården Wolves

More Kolmården photos

Together with a large group of celebrities, brother Richard had received a tickets for the opening of Kolmården animal park. He brought me and my two sons along. It was a real nice trip.

Richard with Johannes and Isak at the gates.

The highlight for Richard and myself (but sadly not for my sons, because of the 15 year limit) was to personally visit the wolves. It was truly an unforgettable moment. I had never been this close to these magnificent animals before. Some of them were a bit hesitant at first, like the one in the photo.

But soon enough they curiously approached us.

Their fur was incredibly soft and thick, and the animals were larger than I had supposed before.

Here is the Alpha-male (the one on the right) approaching Richard…

giving him a great big kiss. This is my favorite shot.

Lili and Sussie, well known for their great work with animals, were also there.

One of the wolves had taken a liking to their camera.

This gives you an interesting behind-the-scenes look. The photographers have decides (according to directions, I’m sure) to go for images of Carolina Gynning.

Here you clearly see how the photographer is waving his arm toward Carolina.

And the wolf is obedient. As a matter of fact, this alpha-male took a serious liking to miss Gynning. (Here you see how large these wolves are.)

And the happy photographers got their shots.

Oops! there is something in that look I don’t like! “Stay clear! She’s mine!”

Before we leave Carolina gets one last kiss.

I can’t wait until my boys turn 15. Then we’ll be back to enjoy the wonderful company of these magnificent animals – without all those photographers.

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  1. I love your blog Louis as it help me learn and helps me to smile again after 2 years of very bad health. Almost losing my life in 2016. Keep up the good work. I hope your boys got to see the wolves with you

  2. These are truly wonderful animals. I am so happy that they are being used as ambassadors. People need to get beyond the fairy tales and understand that wolves are magnificent animals. I wish the people where I live could understand what it is that your photos display. Here in Montana they mostly wish to shoot and kill wolves. We are working on this and trying to make a difernce. If you get a chance visit Howling for and Facebook Wolf Warriors. Keep doing what it is you are doing. All the best from Montana. Marc Cooke

  3. Dear Louis ,it is so beautiful pictures from Kolmården Animal park ,I love the picture of your beautiful brother Richard where the wolf is giving him a kiss. wish that I was there too ,I have never belived that volf are so big .the picture of your brother Richard and the volf is memory for life just as the picture of you and the volf . thank you for sharing this beautiful pictures you is the best photograf in SWEDEN Louis hugs from me

  4. You have some really great photos of the wolves there Louis! When one sees the wolves standing right next to people, one does get a more accurate idea of their size. I too did not realise wolves were quite so large. I had imagined them to be about the same size as a large-ish dog. But it is now clear they are much bigger than I thought. What a fantastic experience to be able to get so close to these beautiful animals, and have a chance to bond with them, and have one’s photo taken with them!

  5. Wow…so close with wolves….
    Even if you’d pay me 10.000 dollars…I won’t touch that beast! Brrrrr
    Really brave of you guys!

  6. That looks way cool! What a fun experience! And can I just say that I love the picture of the wolf slobbering all over Uncle Richard? =D Love it! Glad you guys had fun! I miss you! I’ll definitely have to come and visit when I go up to Stockholm this summer. =) Say hi to the rest of your family for me. Love you guys!

  7. Fantastiske dyr! Vi har dem gående oppe i skogen bak huset her, men det er jo umulig å få sett dem på så nært hold. Ble skikkelig misunnelig på dere og spesiellt på Richard.

    Det mest fantastiske med å få oppleve ulven på nært hold er å få se hvor mye ulv det faktisk er i være kjære hunder.

    Flotte bilder som alltid Louis!

  8. Åh vilka fina bilder…Man längtar tillbaka till Kolmården, men tyvärr så har jag en viss rädsla för att åka dit igen. Då senaste gången jag var där var med familjen och min cancersjuka Pappa. Pappa gick bort i august 2006 (vi var där september 2005) och det gör fortfarande ont när jag tänker på den helgen då vi var i Kolmården, men jag ska bara dit någon gång…För pappas skull…

    Tack för fina bilder ytterligare en gång och tack för trevlig läsning, det ger mej styrka vissa dagar…


  9. Vanvittig vakre dyr det må jeg innrømme. Skulle gjerne vært der også. Men må også innrømme at det er ikke like kjekt å ha de løpende rundt dørane, uroen for ungene som går 800 meter til bussen. Her vi bor ble det sett en flokk på 3 stykk veldig ofte i vinter. Men vil man bo i skogen så må man lære seg og leve med den. Så er det jo bare! Og det viktigste er vel å ikke miste respekten for dem.
    Herlige bilder. Om vi er på den kanten av sverige noen gang så skal vi nok ta turen innom også! Misunte Richard det kysset der! Må være herlig å få være så nær innpå dette fantastiske dyret!

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