Clara, Four Years

I can’t believe my baby girl has turned four. Swift is the passing of time. It was only yesterday that she was bo… no, sorry, I won’t go there again. Let’s just say that this is a good age for her. Please, Lord, no more birthdays! I don’t want her getting any older. I like this time: lots of hugs, sitting in daddy’s lap, bedtime stories, innocent play.

Yep, that’s what I’ll do: switch off her time clock. Besides, the last thing this world needs is more teenagers, right?

6:45 this morning we were getting ready to sing for Clara and bring her some presents. But right as we were starting a head pops out from behind the master bedroom door (she had been sleeping in our bed).

“Oh, honey,” said Angelica, “get back into bed!”

“No… wait!” she answered sadly. “I want to be in my bed!” She quickly trips across the floor into her room. She wanted us to do it the right way.

When we come in, singing Happy Birthday, she’s happy. And even more pleased when she gets her presents. Above you see her with one of her most-wanted presents: a cat that walks and talks (or meows).

Happy Birthday, honey!

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  1. Also a very happy birthday all the way from Belgium!
    Tell me about it…my oldest is doing his first holy communion in about 14 days…
    I gave birth to him on TV…a team fallowed my pregnancy and also the delivery…Of course we recieved the original tapes from the productionhouse…
    And since a couple of days, I keep watching the tape over and over again…
    It still look as it was yesterday!!!!

  2. Awww… its a wonderful time for sure! and u still have a few yrs of sitting in lap and listening to pappa. Mine are still innocent and still things mammas kisses and hugs are the best and Enya is now almost 7, and Eli 5, så I enjoy every moment i still get where i am their world and wonder. Eli is still set on marrying his mamma, and i dont have the heart yet to tell him No!:D

  3. Hi Louis and Clara. Happy birthday yesterday Clara, hoping you had a very good day with lots of presents. My son is turning 3 in july and he is also very qute.
    Have a nice day.

  4. HEJ LOUIS. GRATTIS /TILLYKKE /HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA WITH YOUR 4 YEARS YESTERDAY the 13 april so fast time gos . LOUIS I understand your feeling we should switch on the time clock ,children are sweet when they have that age as your butiful daugther have . I wish her all the best in the furture . Have a good day , hugs from me to you and clara

  5. AAAAAAAAW Congratulations!
    eller… GRATTIS Clara:o) 4år:o)
    My girl is 14yrs – is it 10yrs since she was 4?!?! hmm…. My little niece is 4yrs:o) they are amzing! And do I see a Hello Kitty shirt on Clara??? My niece LOVES Hello Kitty too! I have bought a lot of Hello Kitty things for her:o) The last present was LEGO with that little cat – a pure HIT for a 4yr old;o)
    Hugs and joyful cheers for Clara:o)

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