Making Eggs, Clara Style

Here’s a little “påskkärring” for you. Let me tell you, she collected way too much candy in that basket.

Well… who could blame our neighbors; with that cute smile, who could say no!

Later it was time to blow out some eggs, eggs that grandpa needed for his omelette’s.

Isak is trying to keep his tongue straight while poking some holes.

And out come the contents. If you want to see a fun film shot two years ago of Isak doing this for the first time, watch Best Easter Workout.

Mmmm… how wonderfully yucky!

Clara’s turn. Look! She’s doing real good. She was huffin’ and puffin’ away…

being cheered on by grandma and Isak.

Feeling very proud of herself. Way to go, baby girl!

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  1. Boy, what is she changing???
    She looks more and more like you!!! Soon you have to call her Louise…. 🙂

    Take care,


  2. Hej Louis ,beautiful pictures from your easterhollydays ,she is lokking so sweet and beautiful out your daugther when she goes to the neighbors and home where she blows eggs out .thank you for the beautiful picturs from your easter .hugs from me to you and to your brothers too

  3. Wow! Two Swedish traditions I had almost forgotten about, but I wonder what people here would do if a cute little thing like Clara came to the door at Easter asking for candy. They would think she got Easter mixed up with Halloween, for sure.

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