Families, importance of

When I Pray

Here’s a (demo) song written for my wife on her 30th birthday six years ago. The wonderful couples seen in this video are people my wife and I work and associate with. With a few simple photographs and film clips I just wanted to show the special bond that can and should exist between husband and wife.

The most frequent and beautiful face seen in the video is of course that of my wife, Angelica (together with the cutest face, baby Isak’s). Friend, companion, lover, and wife, she is the answer to my prayers.

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  1. Håller med de andra – helt underbar kärleksförklaring och skojsigt slut! Själv blev jag alldeles tårögd av inledningen med lillbebisen och Angelica på golvet tillsammans – för jag kan inte fatta att det snart ÄR min tur, om bara tre månader så får jag gosa med en egen liten bebis! 🙂

  2. Louis,

    This is sooooo beautiful! woow!
    The film is great, the song is so touchy and honest…my compliments, really!
    I wish I could buy or find that song. You have a very soft voice, just like in “every song you sing” which is by the way also a very beautiful song!!!
    Your wife is very pretty, I’ve seen her now on many pictures…but it is the first time I see her “moving” in that film, and she’s even prettier then…!
    And that kiss at the end….so typical you! the whole time sooooooo serious, and at the end that little touch of humor! I love it!
    Spledid from A to Z!

  3. Hej Morbror.
    Hur har ni det hemma i Sverige? Hoppas att ni har det bra. =) Miss you guys!
    Take care of each other!
    Lots of love and hugs from one of your favorite nieces. =)

    ps. That was a beautiful song. =)

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