God’s Chisel

If you have a short moment, please watch this. And then contemplate: Am I letting God into my life, to mold me into who I need to be? Just think about it…

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  1. Igjen, tusen takk for at du delte denne med oss. Fikk både smil i munnvikene og tårer i øynene underveis! Er desverre veldig flink til å tenke negativt om meg selv, skal spare denne på favoritter og høre på den neste gang jeg skal til å gjøre noe så dumt 😉 Janita

  2. A short moment? This gives me so many thoughts that I could probably write a book! 🙂 It’s really amazing how these guys manage to envelop so many important aspects of life and our relationship with God into a single video clip. Also I love how they present it with a somewhat quiet type of humor – not the kind that makes you laugh out loud (okay, a few exceptions there – like Picasso ;)) but mostly it leaves us with a little smile, and in contemplation.

    Although the main topic here is humility for life and God’s plan for us, I also love how it tunes into the thought of self-worth – that we are in fact God’s unique creation – and understanding the fact that through trials and challenges in life we are not being punished, but shaped. We are given the opportunity to grow – or molded by God’s hands into what we must become. What God needs us to become. And that this is a process that can not always be expected to be painless. Thus, we must remind ourselves to give thanks also for the hardships in our lives.

    Every single lesson along this path is valuable, even those (or especially those) that touches us deeply and sometimes have the power to alter our views of ourselves, of others, of life as such. But then it is crucial also to remind ourselves that whatever God has planned for us, it is an act of his love, that every single moment we are surrounded by his love: that he knows us better than we know ourselves and knows what we need the most. A thought that means a lot to me personally, as it adds purpose to every experience, whether good or bad.

    This brings me back to the original thought; that perhaps at some point we all need to realize that God’s plan might be something completely different from what we initially thought, and in the end it is not up to us to set the course for everything. That we must keep the ability to listen, to be perceptive, and allow him to lead us on this journey. And that we must never, ever forget that God’s love is greater and more beautiful than any of us are capable of understanding.

    Now this is turning into a much too long answer already – so I think I’ll just sum it up here and say: wow! Thanks a lot for sharing this Louis 🙂 It has a very important message to all of us. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful day! Linda

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