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Photos: Flowers

Lily 'Avigon'Some of you have seen a lot of flowers showing up on resent posts. Here is a joint collection of some of them on the Beautiful Planet Photography page. I will have a permanent link there, for those who wish to return to it in the future (click Nature, then Flowers).

To get to Flowers directly, click on the image.

I also have a favor to ask. I feel the need to cut out some photos. I would find it interesting to know your viewpoint. For example, which three images would you erase from this library of flowers? And don’t give me: “Oh, they’re all so beautiful!” I won’t buy that. I need honest appraisals. Please give me your true opinion.


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  1. My true opinion.. ok.. well, to be honest I’m glad you’re asking us to remove 3 and keep the rest.. not the other way around!

    Obviously you’ve been kind of busy with your macro lens lately and these are all very beauti… oops, sorry about that 🙂

    My suggestion as to which photos to remove would be img 1866, 6009 and 7241.

    Nice quote by the way, I like!

  2. Hi Louis,

    Oke, but they are all so beautiful! 😉

    I would remove img 7594-web, img 6646-web because there are two similar and the other picture is more beautiful.

    Img 7228-web also because there are two similar foto’s and i like the other foto a little more.

    Warm Regards

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