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  1. The video link from valley girl is from Wendy van Dijk with Donny Osmond.”Ushi en van Dijk” was on Dutch TV a fantastic program.
    Wendy has “intervieuwed” many artists this way, but Donny was her own favorite!

  2. That’s odd, of all the stuff that’s on youtube, I just saw this clip myself on youtube just last night when I was browsing for Dutch funny movies, and here you have it too!! Even though this is German tv, this is on Dutch tv as well.

    Have you seen Donny Osmond laughing this hard before? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOTLZqco9jY – It’s funny!! It’s from a video, I’ve got it myself but can’t watch it on my US video player….

  3. Well, she does have a very cute laugh, and she keeps on apologising a lot for her laughter, but at first I didn’t really find anything that was said or done particularly funny. Then I thought that maybe one needs to be German to really understand the joke! At first I thought she may have been laughing because when she turned to the weather screen for the first time, instead of seeing the weather map up there, a picture of a guy flashed briefly onto the screen – and she saw something funny about him. In her first few words she says something about autumn coming. The German word for autumn is “Herbst”. Then she turns back to the screen and sees a picture of that guy. I believe the guy’s surname may be “Herbst” – though only an “insider” would know that, so not everyone will understand what she is laughing about.

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