Journey: Separate Ways

Of all the Journey songs, Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), together with Faithfully, is probably the one that has had the most impact one me in the past. It spells power. It’s a more heavy set tune, but not in a screachy, metally kind of way; seldom have a heard a sound that goes so well with the lyrics. It’s not an inspirational song in the traditional sense – it’s more on the sad, depressing side – but it does something for people.  I know so many that have had a unique relationship with this song (me included), who with its help have screamed out, together with Steve Perry’s wailing voice, their sorrow and frustration of broken love.

When Johannes heard it the first time he went completely nuts over it. I played it loud for him. That’s what you have to do too. Lock yourself in somewhere and turn the music up as much as you can. The song will make more sense to you that way. And please listen all the way through. You don’t want to miss Neal Shon’s crying guitar, and the last frustrating shouts of heartache. I think you’ll find it’s very good therapy 🙂

I give you three version. The first one is just song and lyrics. I wanted you to see that first so you get the right feel for the song, because the second clip can be considered by some as a bit comical, given the fact that it’s a typical B-production video á la 80′ s (you’ll have a good laugh… or not). The third clip is a recent live version, also with lyrics. Enjoy. And don’t forget: turn it up!

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  1. *Note: The last video does not feature Steve Perry but his replacement which looks and sings astonishly much like the one only, Steve…Waz up with that??

  2. Yeah baby! You actually made me buy my first Journey album back in 1987. “I think you’ll like it,” you said. That summer it was Van Halen’s 5150 and Journey all the way…Thanks for a walk down memory lane. I saw Journey in SLC in 1995 and it was still as good. My kids like the old “Lights” video best on the DVD. Haha. 70’s yeah baby!!!

  3. Ah, what a wonderful song! Very well composed combination of music and lyrics.

    Good music + Loud = Great music!

    The 80’s was a time of both wonderful lyrics and scary videos. I don’t even want to go down the road of memories from the music videos of that time. Scary, I tell ya. Scary! On the other hand, the harmonies and emotions were sometimes quite a bit better than they are today.

    When I turn on the radio today, I feel that there is a whole lot of the same stuff being played. It is just the name of the artist that differs from one song to the other.

    It is also hard to find lyricists that are truly good at it. Niklas Strömstedt is one of my favorite Swedish song writers.

  4. I put my headphones on and turned up the volume like you said. Phew *deep breath* This is truly a very emotional song. But I notice (from how I interpret its lyrics) something important; that there seems to be sorrow, but no bitterness. So it seems this is also a song about wishing the other one well as they move on with their lives, even though they won’t be part of yours anymore. That would be hard in some situations of course; still I do believe it is possible. The guitar at the end is awesome. It’s a good song. Though it somehow hurts too.

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