Having Nothing to Do is Fun!

Recently I was taking care of Clara late one afternoon. We were watching “Bananas in Pyjamas” for the 99th time and feeling kind of bored. So I asked her if she wanted to drive off somewhere. My suggestion was well received. So we jumped in the car, but I had no clue where to take her. After a few minutes, however, we passed a new JULA warehouse that I hadn’t seen in town before. I decided to take her there.

Well inside we found tons of stuff she thought was fun. And since we didn’t have anything else to do, we strolled around the place for awhile – like 1 1/2 hours – and just had a blast.

You know, this didn’t cost us anything. I think it’s important to have these kind of  “activities” that show you can have fun without spending a fortune. For example, Clara was just as excited for this as she was at the amusement park. It’s not hard to make kids happy. The important thing is that whatever you do, you do it together.

Here are some photos I shot with my cell phone:

“I can hear music in these!”

She loved these “worker” clothes


These gloves were super-cool. They had built in flashlights.

She just had to sweep the floor.

Followed by a workout session.

“Look, dad, I caught myself!”

“And again!!!”

This was actually the only thing Clara asked me to buy for her. Oh dear… should I be worried?

“Please, dad, can I drive this now?”


Back to the workout section.

“This looks fun! What is it, dad?”

“I think it’s used for dogs or cats, Clara.”


“Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!”

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  1. Härliga bilder!!! Hatch & knife set… får en flashback till när ni var på musikfestival och hennes fantastiskt roliga idol-val… 🙂

  2. Looks like Clara certainly had fun at the warehouse! I didn’t know that Australia had exported its popular “Bananas in Pyjamas” children’s TV show as far as Sweden! My nieces grew up watching it in the early ’90’s (it started in 1992, shortly after “The Wiggles”, in 1991) and just loved that show.

  3. Så koselige bilder! Det er slikt vi også gjør av og til, det skal så lite til for å glede barn. Det er som regel vi voksne som synes at det skal være slik og slik for at det skal være gøy. Gøy å se Clara på den ATV’en…..Ida har elsket dem siden hun var rundt året (men vi har enda ikke kjøpt noen he he).

  4. How sweet! Life with a two (or three) year old can be so rewarding – finding joy in the simple things. They grow up so fast though, we better enjoy it while it lasts!

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