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As seen on Most Popular Search Term, those of you who voted picked Paris Hilton to be the winner. And you were… CORRECT!!!

That leads me directly to the first question: did you cheat? I mean, how did you know? Among the Sarah Palin’s and Barack Obama’s, who would have thought to place Paris Hilton at the top? (Many apparently.) I’m being cynical now, I know,  but have I missed something? What great accomplishment has she done as to draw so much of our interest to her?

I don’t mean to judge her, it’s not that. I’m sure she’s much like the rest of us, endowed with both good and bad qualities. Still… I think I need someone to explain this to me. Anyone got an idea why people are more interested in miss Hilton than in any other person, even USA’s President Elect. (And even more than Jesus, who is not even on any list I saw. That’s an interesting paradox, isn’t it, especially now that we are about to celebrate his birth: we’d rather seek Hilton than Jesus)

What say ye?

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  1. It’s certainly interesting to see the sorts of things that some people prioritise in their lives. And it’s not surprising that “Paris Hilton” was the most popular internet search term – though I confess to having selected one of the other options!

    Miss Hilton’s sole claim to fame would appear to be her famous surname and wealthy forbears, which have enabled her to live a privileged life as a pretty socialite, without ever having to have a real job, or do any real work (or so it seems). If she had a real job, no doubt she wouldn’t have time to do many of the activities she is well-known for. Perhaps that is the kind of life many people in this world aspire to or dream of – so they are interested in following her very latest exploits, and even more so in these now difficult economic times. A little bit of “fantasy” can sometimes help people forget (temporarily) their own troubles and difficulties. In times gone by, people often did this by going to the movies. But these days, we now also have the internet as a form of entertainment – and it’s cheaper than going to the movies!

    I guess it’s possible Miss Hilton may have some redeeming features – such as having lent her name to, or donated some of her time to working with charitable organisations. However, if this were the case, maybe we would have heard more about it – though I’m not sure if many reputable charities would want to openly promote such an affiliation.

  2. No, no cheating or checking it up before voting! I just figured from seeing her and her kids and ex on all magazines covers allover – something that never seems to end…

  3. First question first; how did we know – well, I guessed, to be honest – no cheating!

    I read somewhere that her solution to the world financial crisis would be to “wear happy colors”.. I bet the president is sitting in the oval office trying to figure out how to put that wisdom to work… Then again; she also said “life is too short to blend in” which is a good thought isn’t it 🙂

    But what is special about her, I honestly don’t know. I think it’s not so much her looks or qualities as a person, but what she represents; the life “everyone” dream about, the kind of life that differs the most from what most of us know. And she kind of takes the art of being rich and famous to its extremes, not at all trying to “hide” or suppress the rich-and-famous-behavior. So, I simply think that many people need to dream themselves away. Just like how everyone used to watch Dynasty back in the 80s (my personal favorite being the The Macahans though ;))

    That’s my best guess anyway. Of course, there are other “divas” on the planet as well, that would be equally rich and famous and even more beautiful. But I guess Paris is just the most popular right now. It’s simply her “15 minutes of fame”. In a while, we will see someone else taking her place.

    That said, I doubt I’m the right person to help you out here, as she never really appealed to me either. Beauty is difficult to define, but for me it’s a lot about personality and radiance, as you also said.

    I think you hit the mark there: she’s living soooo many people’s dreams. And with the advice in hard times to “wear happy colors”, no wonder she’s grapping our attention. 🙂

  4. Hej Louis

    Good subject!

    Why are people chosing to search for Paris Hilton instead of Jesus on the internet?

    My thought is kind of: Maybe people are more used to search for Jesus in the Bible than on the Internet.
    And if I want to know something about Jesus Christ I would look in the scriptures as The Bible, The book of Mormon etc.

    I know you can find those things on the internet too and I personly use that. But I think people in general do not know that. So they would look for famous people like Paris Hilton.

    Cool if it would change so that people would search more for Jesus Christ than Paris Hilton.

    Hugs from

    Jeannette Larsen
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  5. I voted for her because I knew she had just been in Denmark a little while ago… She was ALL over the TV! News and special programmes… sigh… And what special is there about her?!?!?!? other than her father made some hotels and made a good bunch of money on that… She lives on the glory of her dad… Because I don´t know anything good she has made… The worst is when she made those reality shows with ms. Richie!! Can´t believe why that was so popular! They were very rude and behaved like some very spoiled rich girls…
    And yes she is probably the most searched person because the young men thinks she is hot… she is pretty, but not as pretty as many other girls…. I see beauty as in wiseness and goodness…. So to me she is VERY ugly!
    Excuse me if I am being rude….

  6. Du har nok rett i at det ikke bare er menn som søker på henne, det sitter vel en del jentunger og yngre voksne kvinner rundt omkring og vil være som henne og hennes venninner. Jeg nekter og tro at “gamle” damer som meg søker etter slikt men men…man skal aldri si aldri. Det jaget etter penger, skjønnhet og det perfekte (gjerne kunstig, kjøpt for penger) har blitt alt for stort.

    Det jaget vil jeg aldri være med på, er jeg ikke bra nok som jeg er så får det heller være. (Nå er jeg kjent for å være veldig sta og jeg går mine egne veier….kan ikke fordra å gjøre ting fordi alle andre gjør det.)

    Jeg tror ikke det er så lett å vokse opp med de idealene som er idag, jeg ser veldig stor forskjell fra den gangen jeg var liten og ung, og det som er nå….til og med på barneskolen. Veldig synd! Det er et kaldt og kynisk samfunn vi lever i, og det skapes veldig ofte grupperinger allerede fra barnehagen av….basert på foreldre’s status.
    Brumm brumm….nå er jeg visst i gang. Sorry! Skal gi meg nå 🙂

  7. Det var både overraskende og ikke. Det sitter nok veldig mange ensomme menn (og menn som ikke egentlig er ensomme) rundt om kring på nettet. Mulig jeg tar feil nå og tråkker i salaten men…..menn er menn og hun er jo en lekker liten sak. Sorry Louis, du er jo mann selv…men jeg regner med at du tåler å høre dette 🙂 Dessuten ønsker jeg jo ikke å skjære alle menn over en kam!

    Min lille prinsesse snakker masse om Jesus-barnet for tiden og det er koselig, men jeg ville nok ikke ha søkt hverken på Jesus eller Paris Hilton….for meg hadde det blitt YouTube eller Obama 🙂

    Ha en fin dag!

    Of course most men appreciate the beauty of women, but I DON’T think many see her as the MOST beautiful woman in the world. She’s certainly not ugly, but not nearly as dazzling as some other “famous” women. And for me there is not a trace of natural radiance in her. So again, why is she so sought after? Any qualities that I’ve missed?
    But we are mistaken in thinking that only men are seeking her out. She’s becoming something of an icon also for many women.
    The question, again, is why? What does it say about the things we think are important in life? What does it say about us when we choose the role models we do?


  9. I must agree!!!

    I have no idea why so many people are interessted in Paris Hilton…I’m as suprised as you are!!!

    I can only speek for myself of course, but Jesus is more in my house then before….because my son goes to a Catholic school for the first year…and he’s “crazy” about Jesus. He keeps singing songs about Jesus…this is just so great…La la la…Jesus is my friend…la la la.
    He’s 5 and the way he talks about Jesus en christmas is so fantastic.
    The first week of school they’ve learned how to pray…a whole day long, Laurens was praying…so funny to hear.

    Anyway…if I had to choose between Hilton and Jesus…My choice was easely made!!!

    Have a nice week-end!

    Good for you! Give your son a hug from me.

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