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Most Popular Search Term

December 9, 2008

I was thinking about what exactly people out there are thinking about most of the time. I mean, even right now. I looked up some pages on the Internet to try to get an answer. And I found something interesting. I saw a list of the most popular search term on the Internet today. That’s got to give us a clue as to what at least many people are thinking about, right? Here are the top five:

5. Clay Aiken
4. Sarah Palin
3. Barack Obama
2. Youtube
1. ? ? ?

The question for you: Which is the nr 1 search term? Just choose your answer below. The result will be given in a few days. Then we’ll talk some more…

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  1. Jan Burnett-McKeown permalink
    December 11, 2008 02:17

    Before I saw the standard poll response options, I thought that “global financial crisis” would probably be an option. But it seems like that’s not very high on people’s priorities at the moment!

  2. Belle permalink
    December 10, 2008 10:05

    I thought “google” would be on your list too…

    Or did I just give your number one answer???Ooops. Just kidding…

    I think it’s so frustrating that a lot of people are looking for sex on the internet…disgusting! Although that is my opinion of course…who am I to judge those people.

    anyway…I’m looking forward to talk some more about it…;-)

    take care!

  3. Lena Hagen permalink
    December 10, 2008 09:27

    Jeg tippet feil! Det var da bra 🙂 (Jeg er ikke helt sikker pĂ„ om folk vĂ„ger Ă„ vĂŠre ĂŠrlige men.)
    Av disse fem hadde jeg nok sÞkt mest pÄ YouTube, for jeg bor omtrent der inne om dagen. Finner jo sÄ mange gamle lÄter og tv-serier fra barn-og ungdomstid der.

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