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November 2008 Overview

It appears by the stats that this month has been a bit of a slacker. Kind of… yes and no. I have been more than busy with my work, that’s true, but I have also done a lot of preparation on the sidelines for my new web theme I started to introduce at the end of the month. It’s up and running now, but far from finnished. I’ll be writing, cutting, and pasting quite some more before I’m fully satisfied, so don’t get too set on what you see. And thank again… for your patience. Here are the posts I wrote in November:

Communication, part 1 Our funny two-year-old learning to communicate.
An Embarrassing Dad Father and son having fun at the airport, and father embarrassing himself.
Showing Your True Colors About being yourself, and about change.
42 Years old – and Senile Am I really going demented? The evidences are stacking up.

About Life Motivation This post introduces the new page Life Motivation, and tells why the page is an important part of this website.
Trees An updated photo folder on trees.
God on TV God can be found everywhere – even in television ads. Very interesting!

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  1. Tjenare Louis.

    Jag är en svensk som flyttade till SLC utav en slump (Träffade en amerikansk kalaspingla på nätet) för 10 år sedan och har bott här sedan dess. Jag vill skänka lite sympati för er kyrkoledare som gick bort häromdagen. Som en 10 åring 1985 var Herreys LP en av de första skivorna jag hade, så tack för de minnena.

    Bor du i Sverige? Hälsar du på i Salt Lake ibland?

    Ha de gott.

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