About Life Motivation

For some time now I have thought about creating a special page that deals uniquely with finding motivation and inspiration in life. This is a subject of great interest to me, or rather of great importance. Few topics carry heavier weight that this one, because I feel we owe it to ourselves – and those around us – to make the best of life. And because we live in a fast-speed and competitive world that sometimes dampen our drive or motivation, we have all the more reason to search for those values, principles, and ideas that can help lift us up.

Today, therefore, this page that I choose to call Life Motivation is starting to take shape. For me, there could be no other title because life, simply put, is in itself our greatest motivator. Without a doubt, life has a wealth of treasures stored up for all of us. This does not mean, however, that we selfishly grab what we can. On the contrary, the pursuit of true happiness is based on humility for life and on selfless giving.

On this page – which will constantly change (a very good word, by the way) – I have put together some points of advice that I hope can foster a greater motivation in all of us. Connected to each advice is one or more blog posts that deal with the subject.

Please note that the words I write are not presumptuous. I don’t claim to be an expert. But my words do make claim on hard earned life experience. I just want to share some of those ideas that have helped me understand and enjoy life more fully. And should there only be a few tools here of benefit to someone, then that’s worth any effort on my part.

Live well!

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  1. Excellent write-up. This solidifies my personal opinion that motivation is in the life we possess itself. Anyone looking for any form of external motivation (from people, events, circumstances, etc) has totally missed it. They could wait till eternity!

  2. Louis, this sounds truly wonderful, to share you ‘hard earned life experience’ so that others can learn from it! 🙂

    I know that new lessons, or life experiences, will keep coming for all of us, in order for us to be able to become the people we are meant to be. I look forward to learn new things through your gained wisdom as well as from all of the readers! I am hoping it might speed up my own wisdom..!

    Linda: I think that is such a difficult one, to find the balance between humility and (self) confidence. I am focusing on this as of recent, to have this type of balance with all people. I have faith though that I will have grasped it in certain time…

  3. Louis, this is a wonderful concept. I couldn’t agree more; few things are as important as finding inspiration and motivation in life. Not only do inspirational thoughts help us keep the positive outlook as we move forward in life, they’re also crucial to the way we are able to contribute as we work, live and play on planet earth.

    And I love what you say “the pursuit of true happiness is based on humility for life”. Such wise words but all too often easily forgotten (or worse; misunderstood). If we can get the perspective right, if we can find the balance between humility and (self) confidence, adding thoughts of motivation and inspiration, then we can truly make a difference – for ourselves and in the lives of others.

  4. Hi Louis,

    I had the idea that you were busy with something else, lately there were repetitions of previously written pieces.

    I am very curious about the following messages.
    Success and warmest regards,

    Belle ik ben nieuwsgierig naar jouw weblog 🙂

  5. Hi there,

    You’re such a poet! Honest!!
    Your articles are so nice to read! I just love it…

    Have a nice sunday !!!

    X, Belle

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