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  1. Poor child! First stones in the nose, then having the incident eternalized on picture…

    Me… I´ve never actually met a woman who have had worse cravings than for icecream. (And many men seem to have cravings for that without being pregnant…)

  2. I’ve heard it said that some people may have a craving to eat dirt or soil, due to a craving for iron in their diet, or a possible iron deficiency. I’ve also heard that pregnant women in some parts of the world actually eat dirt, due to such cravings.

  3. IIIIIIUUUUUUUU why do children always have the lust to eat dirt or stones (with their running nose!!)
    Poor child, the eyes says HELP ME! get rid of these things that is stuck under my nose and mouth…
    Funny picture anyway:-) Reminds me of my kids, when they were small and had the ability to explore the world with all their curiosity:-)
    Now they have grown bigger and just ask instead of putting stuff in the mouth;-)
    And eat? YEAH they do! From the moment they wake up, till they fall asleep at night:-) But it is nice to be able to feed them:-) And never let them go hungry to bed, like many other kids in the world do… Sadly but true…

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