July 2008 Overview

July has been a rather quiet month. I’ve noticed that there has been little action on the blogosphere. Less people are reading, and less are writing. No wonder, it’s vacation time! I also have had little time – and energy, to be honest, to write daily. I’m happy to have done something weekly.

The main blogs posts this month have been copies of the Columns I have started to write för Länstidningen (LT), our county newspaper. The editors have asked me to write about anything I want, but trying to always relate my thoughts somehow to the family. In that sense it is a Family Column. It’s a bit of a challange, especially time wise, but I’m very glad for the experience.

Here are the Columns – which you also can find under WRITINGS – and some reasons why they could be read.

Crazy About Berries If you love berries.
Caged Animals If you love animals.
A Father Without a Family The most thought provoking.
The Illogical Logic of Men The funniest, if you like to know how men think – or don’t think.
Joy of Living The most positive.

The Deer Haven Photos from walking in the park.
Life Explained Some Male/Female humor.
Male and Female Shopping Habbits More Male/Female humor.
Animal Goes Serene My favorite character from the Muppet Show finds peace within.

10 Posts

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  1. PS
    I tried to reply to your email but got a message saying your mail box is full, so here it comes again. You can delete off here if you wish 🙂

    Thanks for getting back to me, Louis. That’s great you can send an entry for the book! I’ve visited your blog and really enjoyed it–especially the photographs. I’ve added it to my list of favorites on my own blog.

    I will also post something about your family singing achievements on my blog sometime soon. I’ve copied the YouTube video showing when you all got together in 2007 and sang the Eurovision winner again. I’ll let you know when it gets posted.

    Looking forward to receiving your FHE entry.

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