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Go Sweden! (1)


We won the first game of the European Championship, 2-0 against Greece. Thanks for great entertainment! The whole team played as one. Wonderful scoring by Petter Hansson and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Here are three happy junior players.

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  1. Heia Sverige!!!!!
    Her i Kongsvinger er vi jo nesten svenske så selvfølgelig heier vi på Sverige!!!!
    Det er 3 kjempeflotte unge fotballspillere dere har….det lyser av dem 🙂

  2. Louis, (jeg gentager mig selv) MEN sikke nogle skönne börn I har :O)

    Kh og heja Sverige
    Jeanette / Arlöv

  3. Congatulations to Sweden!
    The pictures are just wonderful!!!!
    I just love watching sports, especially between different countries…Unfortunately, Belgium isn’t playing this time…
    We can’t be good in everything huh??? Tennis and cycling is more our thing 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I’m looking forward to 08/08/08 8pm(local time)…THE OLYMPICS!!!!
    But…Sweden…keep up the good work!!! And may the best country win!



  4. Heja Sverige! Heja Sverige! Bra spelat!! Hope you win to hole thing this time!!
    Good luck! Denmark tried it as you know in 1992 in Sweden. What a great feeling that was.

    Hugs from

    Jeannette Larsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

    PS! Could just emagine your kids if that happened:-)

  5. Congratulations to Sweden on its win – all the junior players look extremely happy and are in “celebration” mode!

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