Monthly Overview

May 2008 Overview

Dear friends! As I explained last month, this is something new I want to try out: a monthly overview. The main objective of this “wrap-up” is to allow myself the chance to point out what posts have been most important to me, or most amusing, etc. Remember, however, this is based on my personal opinion. (You might have another feel for the matter.) In addition I have added a few blog statistics for those of you who like that kind of stuff. Happy reading!

Most inspirational thought: Alive through the Love of God (1)
Most meaningful experience: Rockstars, Bishops, and One Stubborn Ant
Most important charge: Take a Stand for the Family (1)
Most adorable kids: Oh no… My Girl’s in Love!
Most adorable pet photos: It’s a Dogs Life!
Best studio portraits: Studio Photos
Best concert photos: Photos – Södertälje Party
Best wedding studio photo: Angel och Bruse blir ett (nr 1, 6)
Best wedding situation photo: Sebastian and Eva Married (nr 2)
Worst dream account (but still kind of funny): I’m a Dead Man

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10 348 Views

Have a happy June!

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  1. These are great posts! I seem to have a hard time getting to the computer these days, and time for reading is even more limited. I enjoyed reading all of your highlights – they were all very enjoyable.

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