April 2008 Overview

Dear friends! This is something new I want to try out: a monthly overview. The main objective of this “wrap-up” is to allow myself the chance to point out what posts have been most important to me, or most amusing, etc. Remember, however, this will be based on my personal opinion. (You might have another feel for the matter.) In addition I have added a few blog statistics. To me, these are unimportant, but I know some folks who just love them – especially the Americans 🙂 Happy reading!

16 Posts

Most inspirational post: Reflections of Christ
Most amazing story: Baby Born with Two Faces & How to Forgive a Murderer
Most important message: Opportunity is the Blessing
Most adorable photos: The Faces of an Angel
Most amusing photo: Angel turns Thief (nr 6)
Most useful quotes: Opportunity is the Blessing & Spending Money You Don’t Have (2)
Most enjoyable experiences: Embarrassing Dad at Airport & Out in the Fields

Have a great May!
Brother Louis

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