I’d Like to Have an Argument

After being serious for quite some time now, this is just to help us look at the brighter (or wackier) side of life. I don’t know if you have the same strange sense of humor I have… but I love these guys (and there’ll be more to come, I promise)

Should one want to be serious, however, and find a meaning in this sketch, it isn’t hard to do. I like this video, not only because it’s funny, but it shows how silly we sometimes appear when we argue for the most trivial things in day to day life. Maybe that’s why it’s so funny: we see ourselves…

Have a great Monday!

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  1. This is a really great sketch! I’ve always thought that if there’s one thing the British are good at – it’s comedy. I must confess to being a great fan of British comedy ever since I was a child, when many of the British comedy series that were shown on television would have me rolling around in fits of laughter. However, the Monty Python TV series has always been one of my favourites. They have such a “wacky” sense of humour, it’s almost impossible not to be amused by it, and this particular sketch between Michael Palin and John Cleese is no exception.

    Another favourite British comedy series is “Yes, Minister” (which later became “Yes, Prime Minister”). This series continually made fun of the British political system, government bureaucracy, and red tape. It also often made it look as though it was the “civil servants” (government employees) who were really running the country, rather than the elected government!

    Jan Burnett-McKeown

  2. Ha Ha Ha!

    John Cleese is just so funny. We watch him in Faulty Towers in Danish TV.

    Jeannette Larsen

  3. Well, since the sequense vas only 2 min. 30 sec. long, I´d say the gentelan that claimed that they had not been arguing for 5 min was right! 🙂

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