Johannes says Thank You!

Johannes wanted to say thank you to all of you who prayed for him these past weeks, that he would be safe during his open-heart surgery. I think there are a lot of things he would like to say, but because of the language barrier, it will only be a short message. But I hope you feel his sincerity.

Blessings! Louis

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  1. Dear Johannes,

    How nicely you speak English for one so young! You obviously sound happy to be out of hospital, and back in the familiar surroundings of your home.

    My very best wishes for a prompt recovery,

    Jan Burnett-McKeown

  2. Hej Johannes!

    Vi ser fram emot att få träffa dig i kyrkan när du känner dig pigg nog. Det var härligt att få se den lilla videosnutten! Stor kram!



  3. Hej Johannes.

    Tak for den fine video.
    Godt at se, at du har det bra igen.

    HUGS from
    Helle i Danmark.

  4. Hi Johannes!

    You are so welcome. It is good to see you are feeling better.
    Remember how a prayer can help you when you need it.
    Have a good weekend and a nice time with your family and friends.


    Jeannette Larsen
    Roskilde Ward

  5. Johannes, I´m SO HAPPY that you´re feeling better !!
    I´m sure you´ll always remember what you went through and how prayers, faith and the love from your family and from Our Heavenly Father helped you through it.
    I sense that you think life is fun also, and you´ve got a good sense of humor. That´s really nice. It makes life so much better 🙂

    You have a great family.

  6. Thank you Johannes!
    You put a big smile on our faces, too!
    And your smile is like your mums,- I love it!
    Many greetings and God bless you

    Familie Fingerle

  7. Hej Johannes

    Hvor är det skönt, at se at du har det godt igen.

    De bedste önsker fra

    Familien Tanskanen i Arlöv

  8. Thank you, Johannes.
    I´m sooo glad to see that you are ok…thank you so much for the video.
    Gud bless you and your family…
    Love Marlene

  9. You’re very welcome Johannes!!

    Boy, the tissues I’ve gone through since these posts started 😉

    Big hug,


  10. wonderful boy!!! we are very happy to se that you are better.. we hope to se you soon..
    have a nice day .huggs and kisses / Familjen Sahlin

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