A Prayer for the Heart (5)

How about those contrasts in life? Yesterday I wrote life is like a tango with steps both forward and backward. Today life is… well… I don’t have the words… but it feels like a SAMBA! Because we’re so happy!!!

The catheterisation of Johannes’ heart went great. The bad signs that were discovered yesterday through the ultra sound was something of a false alarm. We couldn’t be more relieved. And Johannes is another person today. When he woke up from his sedation after today’s small surgery, the first thing he asked in a whisper was, “Do I need another open-heart surgery?” My wife answered, “No, honey, everything looked fine!” He was still to weak to fully open his eyes, but in a daze he said: “Yeah!” spoken in English.

Earlier, when we received the news from the surgeon, we got so excited that we jumped up and down, screaming, laughing… crying. I don’t know how many hallelujah’s and praise-the-Lord’s I uttered, but whatever the number, I am sure it couldn’t have been enough. We were so grateful, beyond words. But still we tried, in our frailty, to say thanks unto God for answering the many prayers offered in behalf of Johannes.

A big thanks also to my brother Richard and his daughter, Mirelle, who took a three hour train ride early this morning, just to come to us in Göteborg and take care of Isak and Clara, so my wife and I could be with Johannes today. The other day it was our good friend Malena who also came and assisted. We are so grateful for all your help.

I’ve got to run! Clara is restless in her bed.

More later….


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  1. Yes!

    Oh joy!

    What a great testemony of The Lord´s power! Praise The Lord! What a big relief it must be for you and your family.
    And what a brave boy you have. And a wonderful family to help you.
    One thing I’ve learned from experience like this, is that it brings a family closer together.

    With love
    Jeannette Larsen
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  2. Hi Louis and family.

    What great news that was.
    I have to tell you that a family-member of mine gave birth to twins just the other day. They are both fine, despite some problems during the pregnancy. No need to say that the whole family is reliefed about this news. I can truly understand your jumping up and down when getting this great news about Johannes.

    My thoughts are with you – I know you will have a GREAT weekend
    Kind regards from Helle.

  3. We’re with you in this rollercoaster! After having had our PVK yesterday (and mentioned the good state things were in –> #3) I came home and read #4 and my heart fell. More prayers were uttered before I fell asleep. It was a good “weekend-opener” and answers to prayers “twince in a week” to come home from work and read #5!!!

    Send my love and greetings to Johannes and the rest of the family. Marie and the children are sending their greetings as well!

    Your Bishop

  4. Hvor dejligt med nogle positive nyheder :o) Og hvor skönt at familie og venner findes der for jer i denne sväre tid.

    Mine allerbedste önsker til jer alle.

    Jeanette, Arlöv

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