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A Prayer for the Heart (1)

A few months ago, when I wrote the post Repairing My Son’s Heart (which explains about Johannes’ condition) I knew it wouldn’t be long until the next open-heart surgery, the third one for him. Earlier today we arrived again at the hospital in Göteborg. The doctors are running a few tests for two days, followed by the operation on Monday morning.

I usually don’t ask for much, but we would feel blessed if you would offer a prayer for Johannes, that he will get through this surgery, with accompanying recuperating time, without any trauma to body or soul. I know that he would appreciate it as well. Thank you!


When we came to the hospital today, the first thing we saw on one of the walls was a photo montage of different heart children who had been operated in the past. And there he was – Johannes. I guess it’s easy to see who it is? He was one years old in that photo, and had just come home from his second surgery.


I don’t have too many pictures of me together with my children, since I’m usually behind the camera. But here my wife took a shot of Johannes and I, while waiting to take some X-ray images.


Speaking of waiting, we did a lot of that today. Why not take another picture then with the coolest pillow in the hospital, according to Johannes… and me.


A lot of surgeons, physical therapists, and nurses spoke to Johannes today. Here is the his last conversation with nurse Sara who wants to explain some after-surgery routines.

Through it all, my wife and I were surprised at how calm he seemed. It’s almost like he’s excited about it all, looking forward to getting it done. I’m grateful for that, because it strengthens our faith, and releases some of that natural anxiety a parent carries around as they’re ready to entrust the life of their child into someone else’s hands.

As much as I wish for the contrary, there is not a lot of writing energy at the moment, nor time for that matter. But I hope to be able to report soon again – especially for family and friends who I know are emotionally involved with us at this moment. Until then, thanks again for your prayers.


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  1. Dear friends,
    Last night we discussed the situation of Johannes at our family home evening. To my recollection we have prayed for Johannes in our family in every single prayer.
    We know: Heavenly Father is there and de does listen and answer.
    With warm regards from Germany,
    Sibylle & Christian

  2. Dear Louis and family,

    I was at work “googling” something completely different and was surprised to see your blog come up as a hit. Out of curiosity, I just had to take a look.

    It’s been quite a while, Louis, but I was your “backstage manager” 😉 during your 1984 tour, and you’ve always been filed away in my memory bank as a nice guy with a great sense of humor and a big heart.

    So I will definitely include your son — and your entire family, because this must be a very trying time — in my prayers.

    All the best,

    Ingrid Eng

  3. A big Thank You to you, Bishop, and to all of you who wrote such kind words. We feel uplifted and comforted knowing that so many prayers are offered in behalf of Johannes.
    God bless you.
    Louis and Angelica

  4. I’m lying here in my bed, home from work with a cold. My thoughts has continually been with you and Johannes this morning, as he’s beeing in the surgery as I write this. I’ve sent a prayer (again) and petitioned with the Lord to keep his watchfull hand over your son as well as the doctors. I reminded Him that we have fasted and prayed (as if He needs to be reminded) and that our highest wish is all the best for him and you as a family. It felt good and I know the Lord heard my prayer. He is in charge and fully aware.

    Bella, Lina and Marie sends their greetings and prayers as well!


    Your Bishop

  5. Dear Louis.

    I will send my warmest thoughts and good spirits to Johannes, you and your family tomorrow.
    Johannes seems like such a strong boy that can overcome everything. I am sure he will do fine.

    Hugs and love from

  6. Dear Louis and family
    We´ll pray for Johannes! I know the power of prayer is very strong – especially when you pray for others. I thank Our Heavenly Father for this opportunity. May your family always be blessed with faith and love !

  7. Dear Louis, Angelica and Johannes

    My prayers and thoughts are for you.
    Wishing you all the best and lots of strength.


  8. Louis,

    Our family will for sure pray for Johannes and your family. I wished I would have read this post earlier today because I was going to get your names on the prayer roll also, but the temple had just closed and as you know it will not be open till Tuesday. But I am sure you have already put his on the prayer roll in the Stockholm temple.

    May the Lord bless you and yours in these next hard days and know that we will be praying for you all.

    With thoughts and prayers


  9. Dear Louis, Angelica and children.
    No family should experience this kind of problems…
    It is a hard time for you all… Hopefully everything will turn out fine. He is strong in his mind and that will keep him safe…
    You will all be in my prayers and thoughts the next many days.
    Sincere thoughts,

  10. Hi Louis and Angelica, johannes!!
    I just wanna show my support to you and your family and
    my prayers and thourghts are with you,
    take care, hugs from,Mia

  11. Dear Louis, Angelica and of course Johannes!

    I just wanna show my support to you and your family at this hard moment. The doctors today are very good. They can cure almost anything. My prayers and thourghts are with you.

    I hope you will use the power of the templeprayer and put Johannes’s name in the temple. I know it works miracles.

    It is my experience that a family gets stronger when they have to face problems like this.

    May God bless you all!!

    Jeannette Larsen

  12. Louis
    We will keep you all in our prayers and Johannes especially. Keep your faith in God as I know you will and He will be holding your hand through this.

    Linda & family

  13. …(sorry…I´m not that good on english…but I´ll try anyway)

    My prayers are for him…and your family..hoping and wishing for the best…it´s just not fair that ANYONE should go through this.
    I know that we all are blessed with Guds love…but sometimes I ask my self…WHY..why is He doing this to us, if he loves us?? But saying so…I also know, that with Guds love we can overcome everything (in danish..klare alt)…and so will Johannes..
    I hope you understand what I mean eventhough my english isn´t that good…but theese words are written with love…
    I´ll think of you all on monday..and praying…
    Love Marlene

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