President Gordon B Hinckley has passed away

The saddest news just reached me: Our beloved prophet, Gordon B Hinckley, has left us at age 97. For twelve years he has been the most exemplary leader for the Church, and he will be missed. Here is the full story:

hinckley_medium.jpgOn hearing the news my first instinct made me just kneel and thank God for letting us have president Hinckley with us for so many years. Words cannot describe how much he has touched the hearts of millions, including my own. I hope we can build upon the legacy he left behind.

In this state of mixed emotions I shed a lot of tears; I am sad, and feel a great void, because of his passing; but there are also tears of gratitude for what he has accomplished, and also happiness that he now has come home to God, and will be able to meet his dear companion, Marjorie, again. That is my faith and my conviction.

Our Prophet, Gordon B Hinckley, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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  1. Louis,

    I too had to comment on your post because I will ALWAYS LOVE President Hinckley. He was a very special prophet for the church and he always was so humble and kind. I have seen him many times in the conference center (one of the many great blessings of living in Utah) and every time he walked into the building, you just KNEW he was a TRUE PROPHET of God.

    He has done so much for the church and I will always be grateful for the many things he has taught me and my family. We loved the Book of Mormon challenge in 2005 and the 6 B’s is helping my kids even now years after he gave them to the Youth.

    I too shed tears last night when we found out he had passed away. It was news that traveled fast in Utah we knew 1 hour after it happened at 8 PM and my kids very sad also. He is the only prophet they have ever really known so he will for sure be missed.

    President Hinckley will always have a very special place in our hearts and we loved him dearly. But it was his time to go to the Father and be reunited with his beloved wife. For that I am happy on his account.

    My Father-in-law said, “I’m so grateful for the knowledge that the kingdom moves on. Nothing will stop it. We will now have the privilege in our life times of being lead in new ways by others who will be equally inspired and visionary. The Savior is the head of His Church.” I too feel this way the Lord knows what we need and He wants for His church. We can all know this for ourselves by simply asking Him.

    I LOVE our Savior. He truly is the Son of God and He is always there for us if we but ask. He has changed my life FOREVER and I will always be grateful for His willingness to teach me the way to live. He is my dearest friend and holds my heart.

    Thanks Louis for taking time to make this great blog, and for having the spirit with you when I was not even knowing I need more in my life. But found the gospel because of that spirit. I will always be grateful for that!

    Thanks again,

    Ann Holbrook.

  2. Hey Louis, I really appreciate your website! I found it recently “by accident” but you and I know there are no such thing! 🙂 I was a member of your ward/stake in Gothenburg and in Stockholm, but now I live in LA.

    President Gordon B. Hinckley is the only living prophet I have ever had since I joined the Church a few months after he became the president. So for me he is special too. It was such a beautiful moment in Netherlands (2002) when I saw him for the first time. We were all so excited, waiting outside of the newly built The Hague temple when he and his wife stepped out of the car nearby. For many of us this was the first time to meet an authority of the church and even being part of the following dedication of the temple was a great blessing. You could feel how one room after the other were being filled with the Holy Ghost as the dedication prayer went on, through the words of President Gordon B. Hinckley. It was truly an amazing and spiritual experience and my best memory ever of our dear prophet. (See

  3. I just loved the president Gorden B. Hinckley! I have had the pleasure of seeing him and can bare witness that he was the president and prophet of Christs church here on earth. Loving, caring and as I saw it always showing a great example in how to do your duty. Even though your over 97 and your health have seen better days.
    Honoured be his name and legacy!
    I will always remember him as the President who gave us the temple in Copenhagen.

    Now he can enjoy the blessing of seeing his wife again.

    May God bless him on his way!

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