All These Artists

It took some time but I finally got around to completing the sets of photos I took at the Christmas Concert in Karlstad where I performed together with my brothers, and with all these artists seen below. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you, to have 3-4 different parts in the show, and then in between try to capture the rest of the crew on film. But I hope there are a few photos in here, at least, that you will enjoy.

If you want to see some of my personal favorites from the show, click here. Otherwise click on any name below.

Anna Lundström
Patrik Lundström

Brolle Jr
Chris Lindh

Divas of Rock
Elin Lanto
Jimmy Jansson
Sofia Kjellgren

Here are two photos of the Herrey’s from the show. In the first shot I am in the middle, in the second I’m on the left. Behind the camera: Susanne (Manager of Starboys)

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  1. I will always remember the Julgalan concert in Karlstad on 21st December, 2007, as my first ever “Herrey” performance (but hopefully not my last!). Although there were many other artists also appearing in the concert, the only performers I knew were the Herreys. But I did enjoy many of the other artists, even though for the most part I could not understand what they were saying, or singing about. You have managed to capture on film very well, the best of those performances – even though it must have kept you busy in between your own segments on stage. However, maybe they were taken over a few different nights.

  2. WOW some amazing photos! You must have been busy running around taking photos and then get on the show yourself:-)
    Thank you for sharing the photos with us:-)

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