Great People

Good Days or Great Days?

The thought of the day comes from Lance Armstrong:

“I take nothing for granted. I now have only good days or great days.”

I like that approach. Perhaps the choices we have are not between good or bad, but between good and great. In other words, with a positive outlook my life will always be good, and with some extra effort it can even be great.

I took this photo an early autumn morning. The sun is just rising, casting its rays on the water and the birch trees. I remember this day. God gave it a great start, and because I wanted it, it became even greater.


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  1. Thanks for the compliment! But surrogate? Well, I’m glad if something I write i valued somehow, but when home- or visiting teaching we better stick with the “official” words of the Lord.
    Have a GREAT day, Angie!

  2. Great picture again! I’ve almost come to regard your posts as somewhat of a surrogate for home/visiting teachers =). Thanks again, keep it up, please! Hug, angie

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