Photo: Family

Young Photographer

Found this picture in my files. I had myself a great laugh. It comes from an old music and teen magazine, OKEJ. I had forgotten that this shot was taken, so it was a positive surprise. I was seventeen at the time and had just won the Eurovision Song Contest with my brothers in 1984.  I was young and cute then. Now I am just cute…

The picture is meant to show one of my hobbies back then. Who could think photography would still be such a big part of my life. The camera wasn’t mine, however. It belonged to the photographer. I noticed it was a Nikon. Sorry all Nikon lovers, I use Canon today. I just like they way it handles noice better. Although I must admit, I wouldn’t have anything against owning the new Nikon D3, a camera that seems to have caught up with Canon on all fronts, including a great noice reduction system. The only problem: it’s a little bit expensive, to say the least. Tell you what, my birthday is in November, so you have time to collect some money. 🙂


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  1. Hi louis
    I will keep.this short. Just to say that you have a lovely family. You have not changed much. I have only been watching herreys videos for the past few days. I was fifteen when herreys won eurovision. You have achieved so much.
    Take care.
    From chantel

  2. Hello Louis,

    There is no doubt – you certainly were the “cutie” of the three brothers back then. But maybe that was because you were also the youngest, so age was on your side. Sometimes as people get older, they tend to grow out of their youthful cuteness – but in your case, I think we’ll still let you call yourself “cute”! It’s also nice to see you haven’t grown out of your interest in photography, and have some very nice photos on display.

    Kind regards,
    Jan B.

  3. Thanks, ladies, for you comments. I appreciate your kindness. And for those of you with all those photos, maybe there should be a get-together someday where everyone can show their best and funniest photos… then we all could have a good laugh together.

    • I promise you Louis. You really do not want to see pics of me as a child haha. But you can always have a look at those on my facebook page. ☺☺☺☺

  4. Hi Louis.

    How fun to see this photo again. I remember it very well, since it was hanging on my wall when I was 12. That’s a long time ago now and I guess I can say that I’m also just cute now 🙂

    Thank you for a great and inspiring blog and for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Kind regards from Helle in Denmark.

  5. Haha, den bilden känner jag igen! Jag har två lådor fulla med Herreys-bilder, och jag hade hundratals affischer men dem slängde jag i samband med en flytt (det går inte att spara på allt!).

    Jag brukar läsa din blogg (hoppas det är okej att jag skriver på svenska). Ni har så söta barn – jag är själv 3-barnsmamma.

    Tack för en läsvärd blogg!

  6. Hi Louis!!
    I also have lots if scrapbooks with picture from okej,
    and lots more it is nice to have memories and look back.

    enoy your skiing vacation,:)


  7. Have you been that cute *GG* ;O)

    I also have lots of scrapbooks, pictures, puzzles and lots more. It is lots of nice memories from a great time in my life.

    Kind Regards

  8. Oh! How cute you were! If you want to, I have 2 A4 size and 2 A5 size scrapbooks from the 80´s. I can bring them, next time I will be in Sweden:-)I have the picture as well, if I remember correctly:-) A diary filled with concert memories and other Herrey memories:-) Fun to read!
    Hope you are enjoying your skiing vacation:-) Give my regards to the family

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