Winning is not Everything

Lately my sons and I have gone to quite a few hockey games to cheer on our local team, Södertälje (SSK). When we went two days ago the team lost 0-1. In fact, every time we’ve seen them play this season they have lost. I made that comment to the boys and jokingly added that perhaps we should stay home next time. Then perhaps they would win for a change.They didn’t like that idea at all, wondering how in the world their dad ever got so superstitious. Besides, it was fun to go to the arena. Big deal if our team didn’t always win.

My youngest even taught me a valuable lesson. When going to the car I asked if he thought the players were happy about the game.
“Yes, of course!” he replied
“But they lost the game!” I reminded him.
Daaaad! The most important thing is not win, but to have fun!”
“Well… I agree, son,” I answered a bit shamefully, “but do you really think they thought it was fun when the other team scored?”
He thought for a second. “Maybe not then so much… but at least they had a lot of fun before that happened. And that’s all that matters!”

I let out a laughing sigh. “You know… you are absolutely correct! Things don’t always go the way we plan. The important thing is that we enjoy life as much as we can, when we can. And if thing go bad, like for our hockey team, at least we can remember the fun we’ve had before things started to go bananas. Maybe that happy thought can even help us get back on track again?”

“Yep, that’s exactly what I mean!” he concluded.

Not bad for a 7-year-old.

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  1. Virkelig en flott innstilling! Så fornuftige gutter du har!
    (Hm..håper det går greit med norsk, bor så nær svenskegrensen at jeg helt glemmer at norsk kanskje ikke er så lett å forstå andre steder i Sverige).

  2. Thanks, Jeannette and John, for nice comments. And yes, John, I agree that when your “out there”, especially for the competitor, it’s all or nothing – a different story, like you said. But I guess I just wanted to make a more general comparison to life, and that it’s important to enjoy the journey, even if we don’t always win “the price”.
    Have a pleasant day!

  3. What you say is true but I disagree. I think thats the right thinking but when your actually out there doing it. I think its a totally different story. But your son is very smart you should be proud of him to say something like that

  4. Hej!´Ja man skal nyde livet og have det sjovt.Jeg synes tit,at jeg har for lidt tid til mine børn,der er altid noget arbejde,vasketøj,lektier….I går sad vi og så julekalenderen på tv sammen og hyggede os,jeg blev helt varm i hele kroppen af lykke,det er hvad livet handler om LYKKE.Min dreng på 7 år har tabt sin ene fortand i dag,så nu går han rundt med et kæmpe hul og smiler hele tiden,så vi kan se det,det er også lykke.
    Jeg elsker at læse dine historier,de giver mig noget at tænke på.(undskyld jeg skriver på dansk)
    En rigtig god 2 December til dig og din familie.
    Knus Jeannette.

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