How Is Your Conscience Today?

Recently I was out walking with my baby girl. When we entered our favorite forest path, she rapidly nodded off to sleep as the carriage softly swayed back and forth. Lucky me, I thought, time for a photo shoot. It was a beautiful day and I had my camera ready with a 100mm macro lens.

I enjoy the forest immensely. There is a special feeling there that I can’t put my finger on. This is the first image a took (arranged a little in Lightroom)

At the edge of the forest we reached a field, at which there was a highway on the opposite side. All of a sudden I saw this truck driving by.

The combination of seeing the text on this vehicle and me being outdoors, my environmental conscience was making itself known. I rejoiced at the knowledge that I had a short moment to enjoy all the gifts of nature. I even decided to celebrate that fact – by taking more photos.

I looked after more signs of autumn. Here’s one.

I went past a few allotment gardens. Here I found some remains of the rain from the night before.

And here are some melons, protected inside a green house.

On the way home I took some more forest shots.

I felt truly intoxicated by mother earth’s beauty. But… just as I made that point to myself I saw that someone literally had been intoxicated. The images I previously had in my mind were all erased – by this!

So much for green grass and “blue water”, I thought. I know it’s not the most vile crime, but still, who would do such a thing? I usually try to see the good in each of God’s children, so I worked hard at pushing away any feelings of anger. Then I reached up, grabbed the beer can from the branch, and started for home.

But after ten yards or so, I saw the light falling nicely by this tree trunk. I just had to stop. So I placed the can on the ground and took my picture.

After leaving that spot, and walking a while, I suddenly stopped and said out loud: “Oh, no, the can!” I forgot to bring it! Then a voice crept into my left ear: “No, just forget about it! It’s too far to go back. It wasn’t even your can to begin with!”

I was almost sold on the idea when I heard another voice, this time from my right side: “Do you really want to be like the other one? That’s who you’ll be if you walk away now!”

I sighed. “Okay, okay!” I answered my conscious. (It’s strange – but maybe not – how he always knows the right questions to ask.) Without further thought I went back, picked up the can, then threw it in the nearest trash bin. Just as I did so an elderly couple with walking sticks passed by. Apparently they had seen what had happened, because the woman said to me: “Wow, I wish everyone could do what you just did now!”

They passed me so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to register the comment, so all I could squeeze out was: “Uhhh… thanks!”

And thanks to you… conscience!


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  1. Thanks for these lbeautiful photographs of Mother Nature…and for the beer can story. If only all of us would do our little parts in our spheres, then the world would be a lovelier, cleaner place.

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